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American Cancer Society
Cancer Facts and Figures (includes a great chart) 

Association of Cancer Online Resources, Inc.
Creates, produces, hosts and manages a large number of specific online resources for cancer patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and basic research scientists.

General Cancer News (Journal Abstracts)
Cancer News on the Net® is dedicated to bringing patients and their families the latest news and information on cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Institute For Health & Healing Library

San Francisco, CA
California Pacific Medical Center, 415-923-3681
Computer searched lists of articles on specific cancers and informational packets of conventional and complementary therapies for specific condition available.

Journal of the American Medical Association

Abstracts of the Journal on a plethora of health issues and / or diseases.  

National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Information Service
Advice on diagnoses, treatment options and availability of clinical trials.

  • CancerFax, 301-402-5874
    NCI automated program faxes information on treatment guidelines, prognoses, current research and developments.
  • PDQ Search Service, 1-800-345-3300
    Physicians Data Query database, NCI's comprehensive cancer database, with information on treatment, supportive care, and clinical trials around the world. 

National Library of Medicine
Free access to Medline database.



Partners In Health

Ave - Cancer Avenues Discount
ImmPower - Cancer Avenues Discount

 Breast Cancer - The Notebook


HOPE Organization

Health, Opportunity, Peace & Education

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