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ebook coverA Cancer
Diagnosis Guide:
Change Your Life &
Enhance Your Health

Diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer and
battling for her life...

Given less than a 15% chance to survive...

Against all odds...

Darlene persevered through the worst of times: biopsies, surgeries, trying chemotherapy and getting more ill, refusing radiation and managing a biological compound in her body... Leaping right out of the box and into an integrative treatment plan that included: herbals, homeopathy, daily juicing, mind/body, detoxifying, diet, exercise and more!

Learn what took endless hours of research to uncover …. Simple to comprehend with basic steps to boost your health and get you on your path to wellness. This guide is 32 pages and promises not to overwhelm the patient - written in an easy-to-understand format!

An integrative journey to health that proves to be a success –
Download this guide NOW and start on your path to healing!

Darlene GantDarlene has worked for roughly 15 years in healthcare and a field related closely to healthcare. She is a writer and publishes her own local magazine. Her vast experience has enabled her to communicate with various professionals and medical experts, research extensively, and comprehend the various data gathered. Researching on health and the immune system was more than a hobby, it was her passion. This passion soon became her continuous pursuit for wellness and health that ultimately led to her uncovering pertinent information to help save her own life.

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